About Us


Growspec is a brand created from a bold vision of three founders – Poles: Tomasz Barczyk, Michał Jachowicz and Alvis Ma, a Chinese. All of them have been doing business in the automotive lighting segment for over a dacade. The knowledge and experience gained during research&development and production in one of the most demanding industries allowed the founders to create a unique business model.

Growspec is not just lamps, Growspec is an idea! The idea of how to create and light a vertical farm, how to light greenhouses, how to optimize the process of photosynthesis in different plant species for different applications.

The cooperation of European specialists – engineers, physicists, biologists – with their Asian colleagues under the leadership of the Polish-Chinese board makes us transform the most modern technical thought into ready-made solutions in a quickly and cheaply way.

Growspec is an idea of cooperation. Cooperation between the scientific worlds – research units, producers from the horticultural sector – fertilizers, seeds, accessories, etc. – and producers of the highest quality electronics. Finally, Growspec are tailor-made lighting systems, calculated in terms of energy savings and profit from the optimisation of crops.

Our specialists will:

–   design and manufacture each model of lamp needed to meet the requirements of the project
–  develop the light spectrum needed for a specific plant or optimise existing ones in terms of project requirements
–  convert each building in terms of the required light spectrum and the installation of Growspec lighting in such way that the investment is as cost effective as possible

In addition, warehouses in the USA, China and Poland will provide excellent transport conditions and support with possible customs procedures. We are an international group of people with diverse skills, knowledge and facilities to meet even the most demanding challenges of the broadly understood segment of horticultural lighting.

We invite everyone interested in the opportunities opened up by Horticulture – LED technology to cooperate with us.