About Us


Growspec company, originally founded in 2016, operates mainly on the horticultural lighting market. Many years of experience in the lighting industry gained through running M-Tech company, that is a foundation of Growspec, and the vision of its founders – Michał Jachowicz and Tomasz Barczyk – makes Growspec something far more than just another grow lights producer. We believe that with our skills, knowledge and team, we have a mission to fulfill. The mission is to introduce the LED solutions to the mass market in order to make life healthier and more satisfying, and for entrepreneurs – even more profitable. The number of potential applications of LEDs, especially designed by the world’s best engineers from Osram Opto Semiconductors, mixed with cultivation knowledge, is practically unlimited.

Facing the constantly changing climate on Earth and given the fact that plants are essential for the existence of mankind, we have a business goal which potential is even hard to imagine. Both large businesses like greenhouses, plant producers or the emerging industry of city farming, and small businesses like restaurants, shopping centers or hotels, all together have one common denominator – the need to generate profits. This core business need  is an apple of the eye of the Growspec team, that works on the new technologies. The desire of generating profits makes the market hungry for modern, well designed products, and we know that this hunger will be only growing over time.

Our crew of engineers, lighting specialists and gardening enthusiasts, makes all efforts to keep our promise of excellent product, which will also have its reflection in the reality. Our products are designed with passion because outside the market, we also use them in our own houses and gardens.

Growspec products are a way of conducting business, but also a healthier way of life for an average customer.