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GS Sunray 60

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GS Sunray 60 is an innovative LED lamp for indoor gardening and light supplementation.

GS Sunray 60 was designed to provide exactly the kind of light which is required for germination,growth and flowering process of the plant. PAR radiation in blue, red, far red and white spectrum complements the physiological needs of plants which grow without natural sunlight. It accelerates the photosyntesis process and supports phytochrome FR, making the plants grow faster, healthier, stronger and bigger. Combination of GS Sunray 60 and the right cultivation technique ensures uncommon results.

GS Sunray 60 has a switch that allows to choose between three operating modes:
– VEG: full spectrum, supports the vegetation process and plant development, increases green mass production and rooting.
– BLOOM: supports the flowering process, growing and staining.
-INSPECTION: For observing plants

Unique, passive cooling of outstanding efficiency (radiator) eliminates the temperature management problems of indoor gardening and decreases the failure rate due to minimized number of mechanical components (fans). Low operating temperature has a very positive impact on lifespan of the lamp which will work properly throughout years without losing its efficiency.

Energy saving, durable and efficient – ideal for ecological growers – both for amateurs and professionals.

Electrical characteristics
Input voltage: 230V AV 50hz
Power consumption: 60W
LED characteristics
Working modes: Veg, Bloom, Inspection
Spectrum:  Full

Photon Flux (µmol/s): 200µmol/s
Suggested coverage:  Up to 0,5m2
Expected lifespan
LED lifespan: up to 100.000h
LED efficiency after 50.000h: >85%
Cooling: Passive- high efficiency radiator
Max running temp: 60oC

Weight:  2,5kg
Dimensions:  250x175x180 mm
Warranty: 1 year