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Slim-Grower 60

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Slim-Grower is distinguished by the specially designed slim housing – compact and solid, combined with an efficient heatsink and IP54 protection, which all together guarantees long-term, trouble-free service and the most important – stable light spectrum. The properties of Slim-Grower allow for use in cropping systems where assembly and maintenance of conventional light sources is troublesome or simply impossible. Slim-Grower has a dedicated universal spectrum of visible light absorbed by plants for the photosynthesis process, fully used for healthy development at every stage of life – from crop to harvest. Slim-Grower is an above average endurance at the best available price on the market.

Slim-Grower will be the best solution for:
– Indoor systems with high humidity
– Indoor systems with watering and misting
– All cropping systems where the use of traditional light systems are impossible

Other exemplary areas of use:
– Amateur indoor cultivation
– Restaurants
– Hotels
– Vertical farms
– Inter-row commercial cultivation
– Green walls
– Floristic shop windows
– Modern kitchens
– Terraristics
– Aquaria

Electrical characteristics
Input voltage: DC-24V
Power consumption 20W
IP protection IP54
LED characteristics
Type Custom-made
Spectrum universal
PAR (25cm) 200µ/m2/s

Expected lifespan
LED lifespan: up to 100.000h
LED efficiency after 50.000h: >85%
Cooling: Passive- high efficiency radiator
Max running temp: 56oC

Dimensions:  600 x 35 x 10 mm
Warranty:  1 year