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Slim-Spec is a compact LED lamp, designed for various cultivation systems. The lamp is created to provide the light type is necessary for the process of photosynthesis. Low operating temperatures and a compact size of the series allows easy installation in hard to reach places.

Application examples:
– Restaurants
– Hotels
– Vertical farms
– Greenhouse inter-lightning
– Green walls
– Florist shops
– Modern kitchens
– Terraristics
– Aquaria

Available versions:
– seedlings
– leafy vegetables
– flowering plants
– herbs
– strawberries

Available sizes: 1200mm, 600mm
Power: 50W, 40W
Power source manufacturer: Mean well
Voltage: 24V
LED quantity: 44,22
Spectrum: Strawberry

PPFD (μmol/m2/s 25cm above plant canopy): 200μmol/m2/s
Maximum DLI (mol/m2/d): 17,28mol/m2/d
Moles per hour (mol/m2/h): 0,72mol/m2/h

PPDF / Dark Room

PPDF / Tent with silver padding 200D

PPDF / Growspec tent with white padding 1680D

Material: Aluminium
Cooling: Passive
Avarage work temperature: 60°C
Lifespan: Up to 100.000h (31yrs) -15/20% after 85.000h
IP grade: IP54

Dimensions: 1200x75x25mm,  600x75x25mm
Packing size: 1250x85x40mm,  650x75x25mm
Certification: CE
Set contains: 1x Slim-Spec (120 or 60)strawberry,power source, mounting clamps
Warranty: 2 years