GS Sunray 300

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GS Sunray is a series of versatile grow LED lamps designed for assimilation lighting and cultivation. The main goal of the series is to provide a type of light needed by the plants throughout their whole life cycle. GS Sunray lamps fully meet the physiological needs of plants which are grown without access to the natural sunlight.
Application of the full color spectrum allows to accelerate the photosynthesis process, what makes the plant grow faster, stronger and healthier. In the right hands our lamps, combined with the knowledge and appropriate way of cultivation, are a guarantee of numerous, high quality crops.

All of the GS Sunray LED lamps are equipped with a control panel on a long cable, what gives you the control of all four light channels individually. An experienced grower can freely adjust the spectrum and light intensity adequate to needs of the cultivated plants. If the control panel gets disconnected, the LED lamp remains active giving the full color spectrum on all channels.

GS Sunray series has an unique passive cooling system of a great efficiency. This allowed us to eliminate the common problem of a high temperature management inside the growing room. Furthermore the low temperature has a positive effect on lifetime of the lamps, which will operate failure-free for over 10 years. It’s also noteworthy that our lamps are more compact than other products of this type, because the power supply is located on a long cable.

Energy efficiency, durability, high quality – these words describe our lamps perfectly. GS Sunray lamps were created for both amateurs and professionals.

Power:  300W
Power source manufacturer: Mean well
Power source wattage:  1x 300W
Input Voltage:  AC240V 50hz
Electric current:  3000mA
Voltage: 48V
Power source dimensions and weight :  220 x 90 x 45mm 2kg
LED manufacturer:  OSRAM
LED power:  3W
LED quantity:  160
Light angle:  80o
Spectrum:  445nm,450nm,660nm,730nm, 5000K white
Working modes:  Inspection/Grow
Dimmable:  All channels

Spectral information (standard LED Set)


• LED-based plant lighting system for greenhouses

• Universal light spectrum suitable for most plants
• Forced convection
• Overheating control
• On/Off indicator

• Extreme energy efficiency
• Fast and convenient mounting
• Optimal spectrum for specific plant
• 5 years warranty

• Customized spectral composition
• Optimization of spectrum for specific plant species

Spectral information for 4 channels

Deep blue White Hyper red Far red
To promote lateral growth of plants To promote the absorbtion of light To promote longitudinal growth of plants. To promote flowering of plants and increase production.
PPF ( μmol/s):  947μmol/s
PPFD ( μmol/m2/s 100cm above plant canopy): 208μmol/m2/s
Moles per hour/mol/m2/h (100cm above plant canopy) :  0,75mol/m2/h
Maximum DLI mol/m2/d (100cm above plant canopy) :  17,9mol/m2/d
HID wattage equivalent:  600W

PPDF / Dark Room

PPDF / Tent with silver padding 200D

PPDF / Growspec tent with white padding 1680D

Cooling:  Passive – high effiicient radiator
Avarage working temperature (all channels full on) : 60°C
Maximum registered working temperature (mid summer +32°C outside) :  64°C

Temperature changes over time The principle of heat


Lifespan:  Up to 100.000h (31yrs) -15/20% after 85.000h
IP protection: IP54
Cord lenght (from light to power source):  1750mm
Controller cord lenght (from lamp to controller connector):  1000mm
Controller cord lenght (from controller to connector): 500mm
Material:  Extrusion Aluminium

Application connectivity display

Dimensions and weight:  515 x 185 x 104 mm,  8kg
Packing size + set weight: 564 x 236 x 213 mm

Certification:  CE
Set contains: 300W LED light, 1x 300W power source, controller, 1x plug (EU), manual
Warranty:  5 years

Packing list of GS Sunray 150

1. GS Sunray300 1 pcs
2. Driver power supply 1 pcs
3. Dimming box 1 pcs
4. Wago terminal 2 pcs
5. European or American plug 1 pcs
6. Product operation manual 1 pcs